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For aspiring redheads, Rouge is the reddest of our henna dyes and itโ€™s sure to get you noticed. We blend the finest Persian henna with deep-conditioning fair trade cocoa butter and organic lemon juice to bring out the redness and give hair shine. Those with lighter hair will notice fiery locks, while those with darker hair will be left with a lovely auburn glow.
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Loooove it

Mesa Arizona | 9 days ago

My hair is naturally red but I have mistreated it and dyed it too much so its kind of blah right now. I decided to try this in hopes to bring my red back and I am in love. My husband, who coincidentally has never seen my natural hair, said 'now this is the you I've been dying to see'. Its so red and pretty! And looks exactly how my natural red looks. I microwaved it with some water 30 seconds at a time until it had a brownie like texture, applied it in layers, cling wrapped my hair, and kept it on for 4 hours. Shampooed and conditioned it, let it air dry with some shea moisture curl milk and beautiful! I straightened my curls the following day so I can really see it and I will definitely be using this every 4 weeks moving forward. It does have a unique smell, it is extremely messy. My 6 year old who helped me said it looked like I was putting poop in my hair LOL but I am just so happy with my results. Next time I'll melt it in a double boiler, leave it on the same amount of time, but only condition vs shampooing right away and see what happens then.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I have been using this product more than ten years

New Jersey | 15 days ago

I have long hair and I only do my roots. I started out as a medium dark blonde but now I have some grey. I use one third of the brick each time, about every six weeks. There is absolutely no fading or line of demarcation. You don't really even see it growing out, so people think this gorgeous rich red is my natural color. It's ridiculously easy to use, and you will make no more of a mess then with any other hair color. Would never use anything else.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Relight the Flame!

Seattle, WA | 27 days ago

This product is awesome. I have strawberry blonde hair and my red has faded a bit. I make 1/6 of this and blend it with a bunch of conditioner. Then I put it in my hair and leave it in for 15-30 mins. And.. voila! My hair is it's beautiful red again. Love it. So natural!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I'm buying more of it - the results were perfect. Fantastic

Kitchener | 1 month ago

I am a natural red head, whose hair had darkened over the years. As a 50+ woman, there were a few grey hairs coming in along my temples. I took the plunge and used the Caca Rouge last week and the results were amazing. It is a mess putting on - so try doing it in the shower. I left it on for 4 [four] hours, wrapped with saran wrap, a shower cap, and a large towel to keep it warm. The silky, natural looking red that I ended up with was completely worth the effort. A chin-length bob, required half a bar of the Rouge.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Will never go back

NJ | 1 month ago

I've been using the henna lush bar for about 6 years. My hair has grays and is medium brown. I always get compliments on my hair. The grays turns fiery red which compliments the reddish tone my hair turns after I henna. I have long hair (mid back) and I use 1/2 the bar every 4 weeks. I use rehab shampoo prior to coloring. Chop up the brick into fine pieces and add about 1 cup of boiling water and mix until brownie batter texture. I do section my hair and use an application brush but many do not. I cling wrap with a shower cap and sleep in it over night. Personally the longer I leave it on my hair the better. My hair is thick and coarse. Highly recommend this product it will not disappoint!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Awesome Red color

Skillman NJ | 1 month ago

henna over my lightened blond hair and i have a super fiery yet soft Strawberry blond.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Great color!

Virginia | 1 month ago

I have used this henna 3 or 4 times now and the color comes out fantastic every time. I usually only leave in on for 1 or 1.5 hours (my natural hair color is a light brown) and it gives my hair a gorgeous auburn color. I wasn't paying attention last time and left it on for 3 hours and it still came out great! The application is insanely messy and the smell is not bad, but certainly distinctive. That being said, my hair never feels brittle or damaged after, so I'm here for it.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Great for a fading natural redheads!

Kansas City, MO | 1 month ago

I used to have very bright red hair but over the years it has turned into more of a blonde auburn with minimal red left. I wanted something to bring it back and this worked AWESOME. I applied the entire bar and left it on for 3 hours (was going for 4 but got nervous). When I rinsed it out (conditioner only) it was a VERY deep red and made me a little nervous but I left it that night and then washed it with shampoo the next day, by the 2nd wash I was obsessed with the color! I've gotten so many compliments and most asking if it's my natural color because it looks SO natural. I'm about 2 weeks out from the first color now and it is still perfect! I will probably do it again at around 4 weeks before we go on vacation ๐Ÿ˜ It's messy but I've never died my hair before and I was able to figure it out so you totally can too!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Package-free henna!

Santa Cruz, CA | 1 month ago

I am a longtime henna user and experimenter, and was curious about this product because it's the only source of henna that doesn't come in plastic packaging. It's so much easier to use than henna powder, because dye release was immediate! (Normally I have to mix the henna and then wait 8-12 hours.) The acids you need are all in the block. This smells great, like plain henna but better. I used 1/6 of the block to dye my short hair, chopped it finely with a knife, added hot water, and set the mixing jar inside a larger bowl of hot water to keep it from cooling too much. After smearing it on my hair, I wrapped my head in plastic wrap to keep the henna warm (I reuse the plastic wrap) and left it on overnight. My hair had been bleached very light, and came out a very bright henna orange shade that has oxidized to a nice copper. It's a classic henna red. It would turn out more natural-looking over my natural base color. I have light hair and sometimes dye it with a mix of cassia and henna, or cassia, henna, and indigo, to get strawberry blonde or warm blond hair. I would love it if lush made a cassia-and-henna bar!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Absolute Love

Southeast US | 2 months ago

I've been using Lush's henna bricks for about a year now and Rouge for the better half of it. No question that my first attempts were challenging and messy, but I am floored by how fast, easy, and clean it is now. The first key is getting the right consistency - break the brick into chunks (I use a metal spoon), pour boiling water over it little by little, and stir it well, so it's a smooth and a little bit soupy paste. If you use a smaller bowl within a larger bowl, you can fill the internal one with henna and the external with a bit of hot water to keep the paste fresh. Half a block takes care of my armpit-length hair. My biggest secret is that I apply it sitting in the bathtub! :) I coat lots of small hair sections one by one, from roots to ends, then apply the rest on my roots, swirl all my hair on top of my head, pop on a shower cap, and rinse my body and the tub off. After a couple hours, I load my hair with conditioner and it all rinses out beautifully. I'm thrilled with how my hair looks (from light golden brown to rich auburn) including my white hairs (they turn bright strawberry blonde) and how it feels (thick and voluminous). The bricks smell great, are so easy to use, and are so inexpensive when compared with regular salon visits. I've totally converted to this product for my hair color and have no intentions of going back.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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