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A subtle change for brunettes
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An all-natural alternative to chemical hair dyes, our henna Brun is perfect for mousy brown hair without changing your natural color too drastically. The rich cocoa butter base leaves hair soft while helping henna cling to each individual strand for better all-over coverage. We've also added nettle powder to the mix to keep your hair and scalp in tip top condition.
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grey coverage galore!

rochester, ny | 2 days ago

the first time i used it, i actually slept with it in my hair (per store associates recommendation) bad idea. the smell was rough and i ended up waking up at 2 am to wash it out. that being said. i love this product. i am a curly natural with grey hair. the grey hair makes my hair look super dry. the brun covered it amazingly. just what i was going for. and it was subtle. that was back in february. i used the product again in may. this time i covered it for about 4 hours with plastic then washed out during the day. i have to say being out in the sun the product seemed to lighten my hair to a lighter brown. i loved the result and all in all its covering my greys. i love this product and noticed that it also strengthened my hair and was easier to manage.
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I love this product!

Ontario | 30 days ago

I am so impressed with this product, that I will never go back to salon/chemical dye. I used henna brun over my dried out blonde hair and the result was an amazing caramel brown colour! My hair is so much softer and lush after using this product over the past few mths. I've noticed that it fades out after about 4 weeks, but it's so inexpensive when compared to salon prices. Also, my hair stylist told me that my hair would turn green if I used this over my chemically dyed blonde hair. Lies!!!
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Still ginger

Oshawa | 1 month ago

I just used this for the second time, see my previous comment under the same name. This product turned my hair a bright red. I look like a natural ginger. At first I thought I read the instructions wrong because I left it wrapped in plastic. But I tried it a SECOND time, unwrapped for 4 hours. And my hair looks identical. So disappointed. I'm distraught. I want my hair to be brown but you can't use hair dye over henna so I'm stuck with it. I don't know what to do. I might buy noir because maybe it'll darken my hair enough so I don't look like a firetruck anymore. Please test it on a small section of your hair first before you commit.

Be careful & follow the directions

Oshawa | 1 month ago

In the printed instructions, it says that you can wrap your hair for a "warmer tone" which is more than true. I thought it would mean a reddish brown, not realizing that it would result in the brown not developing. I used a plastic hair wrap to keep the messy dye off my closed thinking it wouldn't make that much of a difference. I was very wrong. It turned my hair red. I look like a natural ginger. Heed the warning on the website about exposing it to oxygen if you want actual brown. I'm going to buy more to try to finally get my hair brown. But honestly, if you're looking for a natural ginger colour- it looks beautiful. I didn't want red hair so it's not for me, but it's better than box dye in that respect. My hair is also soft, evenly coloured and healthy looking. It's a lovely colour, just not what I wanted. Rated 3 stars because I would have wished the warning about the red was more clear on the physical package. I'll follow the directions this time and write another review once I see the results.
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Beautiful shade to cover up highlights - just what I wanted

Pittsburgh PA | 2 months ago

My hair is naturally light brown but I've gotten it highlighted to blonde for almost a decade. Hard to keep that habit up in the pandemic, so I dyed it with the caca (lol), used half the block and left it in around 3 hours. Perfect coppery shade, still bright, closer to my natural hair color but way more interesting. Very pleased!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Messy and did not last more than a day

Ottawa | 2 months ago

I have shoulder length curly brown hair, some white hair dispersed. It took 8 weeks to get the product (because of the pandemic). It was extremely messy, I used half the block and left it in for 4 hours. It was very difficult to remove in the shower as well. Once out, the colour was rich and beautiful. The next morning, without a wash, the colour was fading away and now 4 days later still no wash, its completely gone. Very very disappointed and I'm wondering if I did something wrong but there chat cue is so long. Too bad never again

Safe product, loved the results

New Hampshire | 5 months ago

If you watch the videos, people spend an hour grating six blocks with a cheese grater (I didn't). I have very long hair and only used 2-3 of blocks at a time, which I chopped with a knife. I love that this gave my hair a natural color, and it seemed to cover my wisps of grey. My hair felt smooth and healthy, but the product loses a star because the mess is a nightmare, no matter how well you think you're containing it, and the price is a tad outrageous. It would be nice if Lush offered a smaller, single-use sample size option for less money. It was such a hassle to do this on my own that I did it twice, and never again. I haven't found a natural product with better results though, so may consider buying again.
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Wish i could give it 6 stars

TX | 5 months ago

Worked amazingly. I'm in my 20s with lots of gray and looking for something to cover them without the cancer risk. I have medium length hair, so I used 1/2 a bar and left it on for a little under 3 hours. I left uncovered to dry and it turned out just slightly richer than my natural color without the grays. Will buy again.
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I'm your customer forever

PA | 5 months ago

Verified Reviewer

The main reason I bought this henna is because I want to avoid toxic chemicals. I did a big investigation before I found your product and my efforts were not useless. I really like everything in this product: smell, ingredients,... I mixed 2 colors: brun and maroon and I got the color that I expected to. Also, my husband was dying my hair... I found it was a good time to spend together and talk ))) no need to schedule appointment with the hairdresser and to drive somewhere. You got natural color and healthy hair at home. Lush, thank you so much for doing so amazing work. I have already recommended your products to a few my friends ❤️
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Scalps Happy!

Orange,Ca | 5 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I've been dying my hair for a few years and noticed my scalp was irritated and flakey. One lush visit changed that and I've been a henna fan since! Henna is a wonderful dye alternative and is very healthy for your scalp! Depending on the color you want you can either wrap your hair for a lighter color or leave it unwrapped for darker tones. It looks beautiful and leaves your scalp feeling wonderful! Pair it with the avocado shampoo bar, or fair trade honey shampoo with the American cream conditioner not only will you have great smelling hair, but your scalp with thank you for it!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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