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Fine, thin hair? Don't despair! We've got a hair and scalp treatment just for you. Minty peppermint and spearmint oils in a tingly, cooling fresh mint infusion revitalize the scalp, because healthy hair starts at the roots! Extra virgin olive oil and honey soften and condition hair to make it shine without weighing it down. Give dull, fine and thin hair volume and shine by treating it with Roots.
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Apply to dry hair, leave on for 20 minutes, then shampoo out.

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PERFECT for fine, thin, blonde strands!

Toronto | 9 days ago

I have the finest of fine hair, and my baby hairs around my face are nearly invisible because they're blonde. Using this mask, those invisible hairs suddenly become visible and my hair looks instantly fuller and more luscious (a problem I have tried solving my WHOLE life). I don't find this does a toooon for the lower parts of my head or the underside of my hair, by as for the front, sides and top it makes my hair look and feel super full, and gives it a ton of volume. My favourite way to use is to distribute VERY generously before I go to bed, wrap my hair in a t-shirt (more gentle on fine strands), sleep on it then wash as usual in the morning.
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Oregon | 11 days ago

I don't have thin hair but this product really helps make my hair softer without weighing it down, which is always a problem I have with traditional shampoos or conditioners that advertise softness. My hair looks the way it's supposed to, and gains some softness.
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Nj | 13 days ago

I have no idea what is the hype all about, it just tingles my scalp a bit ( like any tea tree oil would do) it doesn't really condition or do anything else, for the price.. I can find better product

Silky hair

Montreal | 18 days ago

I have fine, straight hair. This treatment leaves my hair very shiny and silky and smelling beautifully of mint afterwards!
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leaves hair looking shiny

Sault ste Marie | 25 days ago

I was my hair about once every four days, i alternate using this hair mask with another one from lush and i have never recived so many compliments on my hair being shiny in my life, Its so minty and fresh.

Great for your....roots!

Denver | 29 days ago

I never bothered try this product because I'd heard was better for fine hair that didn't need/want a ton of moisture but then someone told me it had an amazing cooling effect and my scalp gets kind of itchy and stings sometimes when it's dry so I thought I'd try this mostly just for the cooling effect. The cooling effect is amazing but it also gives me roots a nice lifted effected and adds volume to my roots. I like to use roots just on my, well roots and then another lush hair treatment on the rest of my hair. Works great!!!
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Great for my hair... and migraines

Montreal | 1 month ago

This product leaves my hair so soft. The minty-cold feeling on my scalp also helps when I have migraines. It feels like a cold breeze on the brain! I know it sounds weird, but I use it whenever I have a migraine and it helps a lot.
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New must have!

toronto | 1 month ago

I love this product. It tingled my scalp and made my frizzy tangled hair feel smooth after letting it air dry. It wasn't greasy either and there is an ample amount in the container. LOVEEE.
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California | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I love roots. It was a gift from my sister. I started transitioning from commercial products to natural hair care and my hair was limp. Roots took my hair from sad to bouncy, happy locks. I leave the mask on as directed. At first it's ok, after 20 minutes, Wooha! My scalp is awake. It doesn't burn, it invigorates the sense, scalp and hair. Lovely product.
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Co-washing magic!

Wilmington, NC | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I've been trying to find the right Lush product for co-washing my fine, curly hair for a little bit of time now. Avocado Co-wash weighed it down, Happy Happy Joy Joy made it an oily mess -- this stuff has been an absolute miracle. I've started using it every few days in the shower while my hair is wet, rubbing it into my scalp, letting it sit for a few minutes, and then rinsing and following with HHJJ on the ends. The tingly feeling on my scalp is amaaaazing and not only does this stuff thicken and hydrate my hair, it cleanses it too. A little goes a long way with it too. Would love for Lush to have more co-washing products -- but I am loving this for now!
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