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Brighter blonds have even more fun
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Keep blond hair (whether natural or, uh, peroxide-enhanced) from going brassy with our gorgeous, brightening hot oil treatment. Chamomile naturally brightens hair, while organic lemon juice enhances shine for brilliant, glossy locks, and safflower petals intensify your color for a real Hollywood finish. After treating your hair, you'll steal all the spotlights, just like Ms. Monroe.

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Find your hair's new best friend.


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Buyer Beware

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Cincinnati, OH | 1 month ago

I've been using Lush for a long time and this use to be my FAVORITE product. I bought 2 about a month ago and the experience was horrible. When I used the first one, it turned into a thick slime and took 6 washes to get out of my hair. I chocked it up to user error as I didn't use the video because I've used this product multiple times. However, I went to use the other one I'd bought and followed the video directions to a tee and had the same issue: thick slime that took almost an hour to get out of my hair. I had to enlist a friend to help get it all out. I'm not sure if it was reformulated or what but it was a horrible experience and I will not be buying again.

User error perhaps but remnants after several washes

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Texas | 2 months ago

I wanted to love this. Marilyn Hair Treatment tub was out of stock so I thought I'd find similar success in this hot oil treatment. The stick melted down all the way, however, it was sticky and goopy. This didn't bother me but when it came time to remove it from my hair it was a challenge. I got out of the shower and realized bits in my hair still and jumped back in. This repeated 4 times until I had to use my heavy duty clarifying shampoo that I avoid because I colored my hair recently, but it did the trick. The end results also weren't exceptional either, my hair didn't feel or appear much different afterward.

Read to make sure you're doing it correctly!!

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Los Angeles | 3 months ago

All of the bad reviews for this and all the other hot oil treatments are 100% due to user error. First time I used it, I mixed it up in a regular size coffee mug with boiling water. I ended up using most of it at once because I didn't want to save it. It was definitely hard to shampoo out and it left my hair feeling way. 2nd time I used it, it was AMAZING. this time I measured and I mixed it into 8 Oz of boiling water to start off. Than slowly added more as I was noticing the consistency change. Probably ended up being a total of 12 Oz of boiling water. It went on so smooth, had a lot leftover in a very creamy but NOT waxy consistency. AND I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO SHAMPOO IT OUT. I just rinsed it out with water in the shower once and my hair felt so great! For those that haven't had a good experience, I'd say try it one more time with more boiling water. I loved it
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Never again

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Texas | 3 months ago

I had high hopes for this product, but it's only a pleasant consistency for the first 45seconds that it isn't being heated and stirred. After that it has the consistency of flarp. By the time I got all of this stuff out of my hair (five aggressive shampooings later) my hair was dryer than when I started.

Unfortunately, never again...

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Pittsburgh, PA | 3 months ago

I have used this product in the past with no issues, but this time was different. It's left a layer of gunk on my hair that just will not wash out. Not even clarifying and dandruff shampoo is helping the residue. I'll never buy this again.

I love it

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Austin TX | 3 months ago

I tried the other Marilyn but it doesn't quite as condition the same. I always use damaged and was pleasantly surprised. I see most people don't seem to like it but for me, it works bette than the tub Marilyn at making my dry ends feel nourished.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Don't let the bad reviews scare you

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Edmonds, WA | 3 months ago

I think that a lot of the bad reviews come down to operator error. BUT I think that stems from a lack of instruction on Lush's part of how to prepare the product. Keep reading to hear what I did! I was able to take the information from their short (not very informative) video along with what went wrong for people in other reviews and successfully use the product. I added about 6-8oz of boiling water and stirred - a lot. There were still a few stubborn chunks that were not incorporating so I microwaved the mixture (40 seconds, stirring every 10) to get it nice and warm again so that the remaining chunks melted. The mixture was pretty thin, almost watery coming off the stick. But it thickens as it cools!! By the time I used it (still slightly warm) it was the consistency of a thin conditioner. I used the stir stick to apply it and rubbed it in. I made sure that my entire head of hair was 'wet' from the mask. I have slightly below shoulder length straight hair and after this use, I have enough left over for probably 2 more treatments. When it is completely cool, it's about the consistency of cake batter. I didn't experience any trouble washing my hair or having any kind of residue or chunks afterward. I would say this is a good value for the money. If you can get 2-3 treatments out of a $13 hair mask product, that's pretty good for Lush prices!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


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Sea Bright, NJ | 3 months ago

Consistency turns to be a mixture like silly putty. Took me 5 shampoo rinses just to get the goop out of my hair and still was pulling pieces out with a comb after. Not to mention, a wad of hair came out with the goop. I actually had to use acid drain opener because the product got stuck in my drain! I love lush and their products but this was a NO GO. Save yourself the time & money.

Gave it a second try but still yucky

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New York, NY | 3 months ago

I love the Marilyn product in a jar. It's creamy and smooth and so versatile. I can take a small dab and run through my curls with my fingers for extra bounce and moisture, or I can put a bunch on overnight for a deep conditioning treatment that leaves my hair utterly shiny when I wash it out. But the stick with the glob on the end of it simply doesn't do any of that. I tried the stick several years ago, and didn't like it. But when Lush was out of the jar of Marilyn, I thought I would give it another try, and it's just like all the other reviewers have said, it leaves a VERY sticky residue on your hair even when it's shampoo'd out. It looks like flakes of dandruff. Just YUCK. I'm sticking with the jar of creamy goodness that's the original Marilyn product. THAT works!

Not sure what the issue is...

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New Jersey | 3 months ago

Looking at the reviews for this product would make you wonder why Lush even continues to make it. However this is my second time buying it and I haven't experienced any horror stories. I have thin almost black wavy/curly hair with bleached color treated ends and this product helped me maintain the lightness and added some moisture. (I use it once a week only on the color treated parts until I run about which is about 3 or 4 times. It washes out just fine and doesn't leave residue. The only complaint that I have is the instructions on the stick are very vague. However when I purchased it in the store the first time a worker was able to explain how to use it to me and also told me the directions are in detail on their site. The scent just smells like strong herbal chamomile tea which I enjoy. All in all I will continue to buy and use this as a nice alternative to chemical lightening treatments which I would imagine smell way worse.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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