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If your hair feels like damaged goods, stir up your routine with this hot oil treatment. Melt down this solid treatment and smooth the rich mixture through your locks. Extra virgin olive oil, almond oil and organic avocado oil nourish parched hair, leaving it smooth and shiny, and vanilla absolute perfumes locks with a long-lasting sweet and comforting scent.
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How to Use

1. Place your treatment in a heatproof container and boil some water in a kettle. 2. Slowly add several ounces of boiling-hot water to the solid treatment and stir gently using the wooden stick. Take your time, adding water as needed, and allowing the product to thicken until you're left with an empty stick and a rich, creamy treatment. This should take around five minutes. 3. When it's cool enough to touch, apply to dry hair and leave for around 20 minutes to allow the ingredients to get to work replenishing your hair. Shampoo out and admire your luscious locks! Made too much? Keep your mix for conditioning top-ups for up to four weeks.

Find your hair's new best friend.


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I would give negative stars if possible

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vancouver island | 4 days ago

I have never used the old formula and purchased this on a whim after a lush employee recommended it. Was having a bad day so figured I would do a hair treatment to make life better. Followed directions and ended up with a creamy, puffy, gooey mixture that smelt a lot like the mars mud putty you can buy in gift shops. Not a very luxurious smell would not buy again based on that. So I put it in my long fine hair allowed it to sit for 20 min and rinsed. Felt like it shampooed out fine and did my usual shower routine. Got out brushed my hair out which felt silkier than usual, I was feeling pretty positive until I looked in the mirror. It did not rinse out at all I look like I have an extreme case of dandruff, little white chunks everywhere in my hair. So now I'm feeling extra terrible, so much for self care. I don't have the energy to go wash my hair again and I just want to cry. Poo on you lush.

Great for dry frizzies

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Washington, DC | 6 days ago

Again, this is great to soften thicker, curly hair, which can take tons of oil and product. I never follow instructions, go with intuition, so dunked until I had a small amount of mixture, maybe 1/4 of total. Stirred into boiling water and everything dissolved. And I have plenty left for additional treatments, so not so expensive.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Bring back old formula!

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Cleveland, OH | 7 days ago

It's taken me several times to wash this out of my hair. Too greasy! Bring back the old formula. This stuff is awful!!!

Old formula please!!!

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Spokane, WA | 8 days ago

This was my favorite hair mask ever. now it barely incorporates into my hair and very quickly turns to goop. Please please please bring back the old version.

Miss the old formula

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Seattle | 13 days ago

I have been using damaged for three years—the new formula sucks. Echoing what others have said that the product became rubbery and goopy instead of its previous creamy luxury. The worst part: I have now shampoo'd three times and my hair is still crusty and greasy with this stuff. I can't seem to get it all out. Lush, BRING BACK THE OLD FORMULA.

What happened?

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Toronto | 19 days ago

Very disappointed by the new formula. This was my favorite Lush hair product for many years. I bought it again recently and noticed the color and smell were different. I didn't think much of it until I made an attempt (emphasis on attempt) to use it. It turned into a gloopy, gooey mess that didn't stay on my hair. The product itself bunches up into bouncy, glue-like balls and refuses to melt. I'm super upset because my thin and curly hair doesn't like most hair treatments I've tried and this was an affordable, reliable product for me. Not to mention the mess it made for my drains and bathtub. I only used half and plan to return the rest, hopefully, I can get a full refund. Please bring the old formula back.

Another One Bites the Dust

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Pittsburgh, PA | 27 days ago

I've read reviews of several other Lush products where users complained that Lush changed the formula of their beloved items. I thought this perfect product would be immune from formula changes, but here we are. I have used the Damaged hot oil treatment for almost two years and was IN LOVE. Perfect smell, perfect consistency, perfect hair. The first thing I noticed about my most recent purchase was the color and scent change – the bar used to be light yellow, but now it had a greenish tint. The smell was no longer of beautiful vanilla, but now that of fish food. As I began to mix the product in the hot water as usual, the mask that used to be smooth and creamy now turned into what could only be described as Flubber. I have about eight leftover sticks in my bathroom, so I am no stranger to the setup of hot water and stirring but this got ridiculous! It didn't matter how much hot water I added, the blob just absorbed it and laughed at me. Still thinking that I was going crazy, I tried to apply the blob to my hair and of course that went terribly. I took the blob into a Lush store and told the staff member that I must have gotten a bad batch. She asked me flatly if I had melted down the whole bar in the hot water. Um, yes? That's what the instructions say, that's what the video depicts, and that's what I've done every time. She said that the formula had changed and that the directions are now to cut the bar into pieces and only melt down a quarter for each use. She proceeded to get a machete from the back of the store and showed me how to cut it. She also told me that she still has some of the 'old' formula in the back and gave me two bars for my sorrows. Why did EVERYTHING about this product change? Why didn't the instruction change as the formula changed? Any why did Lush think no one would notice this new and hideous formula? If you still have one of the 'old' versions, then savor it! If you received a greenish version as your most recent purchase, beware!

New formula is horrible

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Ontario | 30 days ago

To preface, I have used Lush hot oil treatments for a long time, used to work at Lush, and would always recommend them to customers. With this being said, I'm so disappointed with the new formula. It did not mix to a smooth, creamy consistency, instead it basically felt like slime that you would make with borax and was super stringy. It was very difficult to get through my curls and I couldn't apply it evenly because the texture was so gooey instead of melting nicely into my hair like it used to. I did not feel comfortable keeping it in for 20 minutes because of how it was drying so I washed it out after 5-10 minutes. It also was very hard to rinse out- it might be a bit easier if your hair is naturally straight but pieces were getting stuck in my curls. I also used to like saving what was leftover to use as a really intense conditioner which made it so worth the price but it's not even possible to save this because of the texture.

Nice, but too much product for one use!

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Poughkeepsie, NY | 1 month ago

I initially was really taken aback by the price, but once I got it I realized that it actually makes a lot of product for the size. My first use I actually cut in half, melted it to the consistency they showed and I still had almost half of what I mixed left over (and i piled it on with 4c hair!!) So, if you're thinking of buying this, I suggest cutting it up and making more use out of it, given the price :)
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Turned into thick slime and clogged sink

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San Diego | 1 month ago

I don't know if they changed the formula or something but it turned into tick goop I struggled to take out of my hair and then it completely clogged my drain.
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