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Face and Body Masks

Mask your face or any other place

A sweet, chocolate-scented fresh face mask with soothing almond butter and absorbent cocoa powder that's perfect for all skin types.

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Calms and Soothes
Almond Oil

Calms and Soothes

Fresh Face Masks Available In-store Only
How we're keeping safe

Fresh Face Masks Available In-store Only

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So, What's the Difference Between Fresh Face Masks and Face Masks?

Our fresh face masks need to be kept refrigerated and used quickly, while our shelf-stable face and body masks don’t.

A Mask for Any Task
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This mask is a silent hero in my beauty regimen

I use this mask whenever my skin is unbalanced, troubled, and starting to break out. This typically only occurs after heavy or excessive makeup applications. Whenever I feel that my skin is overly stressed I grab one of these masks and it calms my skin all the way down. 

Glittermami | New Jersey

Sensitive or irritated skin? This mask’s blend of soothing oats, softening bananas and ground almonds gently softens and exfoliates.

Fresh, Simple Skincare Routines
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Fresh, Simple Skincare Routines

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