Unabashedly carnal jasmine
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Item No. 07287
It’s virtually unheard of for a perfume to be this sexy. Lust is a heady mash-up of rich florals and a warm, woody base that lasts on the skin for hours and hours. It's a multi-layered fragrance made up of jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, vanilla and sandalwood making it (and you, by association) unabashedly sexy. Resistance is futile.
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Lather up then rinse clean!

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Perfect prep for special occasion

Greensboro, NC | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

If I'm going out somewhere and want to smell lovely, I take a quick rinse with this. Its elegant and warm scents stick to your skin all day/night. You won't need any other perfume trust me!
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New york | 1 year ago

The original was much better

Favorite! far...

VT | 1 year ago

My husband and I both love the wash cards. This sent is my favorite so far. They're kind of cool to display too. :)

Love it

TN | 2 years ago

Verified Reviewer

this scent is such a perfect blend of jasmine and rose. I like these little wash cards a lot, they're a great way to try new scents to make sure you like them before committing to larger or more expensive products.
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Best idea ever

Pittsburgh pa | 2 years ago

Lust Ian my absolute favorite lush scent An she I loved that it had matching bath bombs and lotion bars but I was longing for soap and none seemed to come up to this amazing sexy scent so I was thrilled to walk into my lush and see these wash cards they smell amazing and so is the price
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If you miss Flying Fox shower gel

Toronto | 2 years ago

Flying Fox was my favourite product from Lush, so I was really disappointed when it was discontinued. This product is a pretty good alternative - its easy to use, basically just a super thin slice of soap that you can rip into a few pieces for multiple uses, and use by either just rubbing the piece on your wet skin or smushed into a loofah/scrubbing mitt. BUT, cost-per-use, this is far too indulgent to use regularly compared to the shower gel. I can rip one card into about three, MAYBE four pieces. Anything smaller and it does not provide enough lather for the whole body. Ultimately, this is great if you like to have a collection, or like me are yearning for the potential return of FF shower gel, but don't expect to completely replace your routine with this.
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