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Fantabulosa is an old, well-loved fragrance that's back with a new name and a new attitude. It boasts a curious combination of soothing chamomile blue oil, grassy violet leaf absolute, amber-scented labdanum resinoid, salty seaweed absolute and herbal oakmoss absolute that comes together to smell like...bananas? Weird, but true. If you want a perfume that's truly unique, reach for the gourmand greengrocer glam of Fantabulosa.
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How to Use

Spritz directly onto your wrists and neck for an immediate dose of your favorite aroma.


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Regrettably, Fantabulosa is NOT Ladyboy

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New York, NY | 2 months ago

The former incarnation was Ladyboy. It was love at first smell and my favorite perfume! I was so upset when it was discontinued. Ladyboy was much stronger and stayed on longer than the new, washed down and diluted formulation. Fantabulosa is still very pleasant, and I enjoy wearing it, but the scent dissipates very quickly. It does not have the kick I remember. Marking up the price and lowering the quality of the product is not cool. Furthermore, The translucent bottle does not come in a protective box and must be kept in a cool place away from the light. Fantabulosa is NOT Ladyboy! It is definitely not perfume strength & quality, it is, at best, eau de cologne.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

i would not buy again

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brantford | 3 months ago

i love you lush but i am sorry to say this does not smell like bananas at all, i was intrigued when i first saw this, as banana is one of my favourite scents and have not ever seen a banana perfume before, but the closest description i would give this would probably be the back of a musty hippie van (which i dont hate but is not banana) if your looking to buy this i would probably reconsider unless you want to smell like Terence Mckenna.

Not what I remember...

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California | 3 months ago

I got this perfume twice years ago when it was under it's previous name and would get a plethora of complements every time I wore it; it truly was unquestionably unique, however the bottle I received made by Andrzej on 02/03/2020 smells heavy on the seaweed absolute, so much so that it smells rather oceanic and "fishy" to me. I'm also displeased with the color of the liquid, it's marketed as a really pretty blue color while my bottle is a very unpleasant yellowish-brown dishwater color, it really is horrendous. I was really let down with this one.

No bananas???

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Toronto | 3 months ago

I blind purchased this fragrance online. I was hoping for the banana scent I have seen in so many reviews but I do not get anything remotely even close! Definite violet scent when first sprayed, mixed with an earthy essence. Dry down is like a sweet vanilla to my nose - best way to describe (for my body chemistry) is like Kerbside Violet drinks with a Vanillary hangover. My bottle also looks like swamp water - no blue colour at all. If you love violet scents, you will not go wrong with it!

Not a sweet scent- more earthy and soft

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Toronto | 3 months ago

Tbh- this wasn't exactly what I thought it would smell like. First you're hit with strong sweet banana/marshmallow notes, but the. It dries down into a woody herbal cozy scent. Definitely unisex. A very unique scent- unlike anything I've ever smelled before!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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