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Freshen up, then get down
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There's nothing like Dirty to get you ultra clean! Flavored with just spearmint and neroli essential oils, these toothy tabs are elegant in their simplicity. A gentle base of kaolin clay powder and sodium bicarbonate will help you scrub your pearly whites to gleaming perfection. Nibble on one of these and brush your teeth to freshen up before getting down and Dirty.
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Crunch one tablet up between your teeth (a few bites should do) to create a paste. Grab your wet toothbrush and brush as usual.

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Atlanta | 3 days ago

Very frothy, does a good job at lathering up. It has a very strong sandalwood taste, and les mint than I expected- leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. I wish there was more sandalwood in the shampoo bar and less in the toothy tabs. I do feel very clean though, it's effective!
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good product

Michigan | 27 days ago

bite the tab in half to avoid too much froth. and the bottle will last longer too. I was noticing residual the next morning in my mouth when I woke up.
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Had bad reaction in my mouth

Saskatoon | 1 month ago

Ok, I tried to post this review before but it never went up. I'm going to try again, because I think it's worth letting some people know if they're having a similar reaction. To start off, I love toothy tabs and have been using them for awhile, but only Boom! and Miles of Smiles. I decided to try Dirty, as I wanted to see what Lush's other mint flavour was like. After using it for about two weeks, I started to notice that my mouth was unusually sensitive and had a bunch of what seemed like canker sores throughout. I couldn't eat spicy or acidic (ex, citrus) foods because it would burn and hurt a lot. I also had weird welts on the corners of my mouth that I have never seen before. I thought I was stressed and not drinking enough water, but nothing was seeming to work. Finally, I decided to see if my toothy tabs were the culprit and I switched back to Miles of Smiles. My issues totally went away just like that. So there is SOMETHING in Dirty that gave me a weird reaction. This is obviously not a normal reaction, as I see mostly good reviews. However, I wanted to just throw this out there in case anyone notices something similar. Stop using this product and see if your issues clear up. From now on, I'll stick to my tried and true flavours :)

Cleans well, but very foamy!

Washington, DC | 1 month ago

These tabs get the job done- they clean our teeth and leave a minty taste. However, they are sooooo foamy. We both are a bit overwhelmed by how foamy our mouths get and feel the need to spit just to free up some space in there while brushing! Maybe reduce the foaming agent by a smidge?
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LOVE but with packaging was friendlier!

Brooklyn, NY | 1 month ago

I've been using these for a year or two now and LOVE THEM. Dirty is the favorite, but Miles of Smiles, Boom, & Limelight are also great. My only complaint...wish they came in a larger or bulk size option with eco-friendly packaging. I've tried other brands that are sold in a paper bag or sustainable packaging in bulk, but Toothy Tabs are by far the best. Please ditch the plastic and let me buy a million!
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Wasn't A Fan at First But It Grows on You

Aliso Viejo,CA | 1 month ago

I bought these tooth tabs a while ago and the first time I used them, I hated the taste.After using I did feel my teeth and mouth very clean. I started using it every day and I still had an issue with the taste in the beginning of chewing the tab. I realized that crushing the tab with my back teeth was making the taste less bearable. When I started using my front teeth to crush the tabs, I noticed a huge difference. I love this product. My teeth are very white and my mouth is clean. I don't have a breath issue and I love that this item is travel friendly and no mess. I will continue purchasing this product. Thanks Lush for continuing to make high quality, chemical free products!
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I love toothy tabs

Utah | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Been using toothy tabs for over 5 years. I can't use anything else. They make my teeth feel so clean.
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The taste is unfortunate

MO | 4 months ago

Very frothy, but also oddly salty. The combined flavors don't mesh well. Does as advertised, but the flavor is just too much.

Unusual main ingredient may cause filmy allergic reaction

Pasadena, CA | 4 months ago

After using Toothy Tabs for a few days, I noticed my mouth developed a slimy, whitish film which I would brush and swish away but would return. After some thoughtful research, I concluded that it was an allergic reaction to Toothy Tabs' main ingredient, Dicalcium Phosphate Anhydrous; it's not used as an ingredient in any other tooth powders or toothpastes I've used (and I've tried a lot). The film was my mouth shedding its surface cells; not painful, but not a good sign, so I had to return the tabs to Lush. I hope they see this and switch to a more widely used base. A bit less foam would be nice, too -- these tabs turn your mouth into quite a froth. Other than that, I'd really like these! Good cleaning action, no plastic, easy to carry and use, range of flavors, available worldwide for travelers/expats. I recommend with the caveat: Try it for a week first.
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I would not buy this product b/c of the taste

San Leandro | 4 months ago

I got a sample with my order and I tried half of it. To me it tastes like soap. The product itself feels good when brushing but it tastes like soap.
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