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Light Touch

Light Touch

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This solid facial oil is just the thing for promoting a clear, balanced complexion. Light, easily-absorbed jojoba and meadowfoam oils (which are similar to the natural oil produced by our skin) ensure complexions feel fresh and smooth—never greasy. It cleverly incorporates a toner with the benefits of clarifying witch hazel and antioxidant-rich blue spirulina: a microalgae that protects skin from environmental damage. With a fruity and floral fragrance made up of essential oils from Kenya, every ingredient in this naked bar has been handpicked to calm, soothe and refresh your skin—right down to the perfume.
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Light Touch
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Sweep over the skin and gently rub in, or warm between your fingers and massage over the face.

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Ontario | 10 days ago

It is a good product dont get me wrong but if your sensitive to smells you might want to avoid this bar. After using it within 10 mins I get a head ache cause the smell is so strong and it takes forever to go away but if your not sensitive to smells than go for it.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Interesting, takes some getting used to

Parkville, MD | 1 month ago

This is my first time using a facial oil type moisturizer and it's definitely taking some getting used to. Gotta practice not putting too much on. It feels a little oily until it fully absorbs, which I think is just a side effect of it being an oil bar, so I probably won't use it as part of a morning routine. But my face feels SO very soft, and not in an oily or tacky way which a lot of too-moisturizing products do. The smell is also light, so as someone who can be sensitive to strong floral scents I'm really pleased that the scent fades without too much trouble.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Great for acne prone skin

Salt Lake City, Utah | 1 month ago

I bought this hoping it would be an alternative to typical facial oils that tend to be too heavy for my skin. After using this nightly for a week or so, I noticed the acne on my chin clearing up. It's so great. I definitely notice a difference in my skin when I skip a couple nights. Not sure which ingredients are doing the magic for me, but this solid is so great if your looking for something that will help you glow and actually clear up your acne!! I tried this on my body after shaving and it does wonders in soothing/clearing razor burn.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

My main go to Lush product!

Las Vegas | 1 month ago

My mom, aunt and I buy this religiously. It's honestly one of my favorite lush products and smells so good on my skin. I live in Las Vegas, so it can get hot here in the summer. So I'll generally only use it at night or at least not on my forehead because I sweat and glisten... But it does wonders during the fall and winter!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Tucson, AZ | 1 month ago

The scent is very pleasant. I thought I'd need to add a splash of water to rub it into my skin, but a quick swipe over my skin is plenty. It goes on silky smooth but doesn't leave my skin feeling oily.

It's good

Scarborough | 1 month ago

I have combination sensitive skin and gave this a try after reading reviews and ingredients. I didn't like the smell at first as it's pretty strong for face but got used to it and actually enjoyed it a lot (so did my mom). Ordered it a 2nd time around but it looks really janky. Not like the first one I ordered. I trust Lush as I've been an avid supporter for years and will assume it just wasn't entirely mixed properly before setting. In the event it's a different issue, will definitely reach out to CS. Overall, good product, absorbs well, the smell fades after a bit and smells better once mixed with my skins oils, good price point, broke it in half and lasted a month between my mom & I w/ somewhat daily use.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Melted in the heat!

Toronto | 1 month ago

I went camping and this bar melted in the heat. I like using this product but it isn't Fit for the summer time. Pretty bummed about the messy blob I'm left with.

Not Exactly as Overwhelming

OH | 1 month ago

It feels greasy until it absorbs which is a downside to morning routines. Melts in your hand which I guess would be fine if I wanted a lot. I got pressed instead of liquid because I don't need much at all. On a different note, it does it's job and smells fine doing it. I'm basically heading to work smelling like what I imagine is Greek Goddess Hera. I won't be buying again personally but I'm sure it's right for someone else

Don't buy online if you live in a warm climate!

Palm Springs, CA | 2 months ago

I love this product and have been using it for the past several months! It has really helped moisturize my skin while also keeping it fresh and light feeling. I recently made a re-order as my previous bar ran out and it totally MELTED in the mail! I should have guessed when I live in the desert and temps are 100 degrees, but I kinda thought lush would have packaged it differently. Nope. Totally melted so I ended up pouring the melted bar into a candy mold and put it in the fridge to reshape. It worked, but from now on I will only be purchasing in store or ordering when the temps are cold 👍🏻
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Great for combo skin

Fontana, ca | 2 months ago

I have combination skin and this bar was wonderful. My skin is so soft and bright looking. The smell is really nice. I wish there was a body spray with this scent
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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