Rose jam decadence
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Business or pleasure? There's no need to decide with this luxurious, hard-working facial oil. Rich fair trade shea butter from the Ojoba Women’s Collective in Ghana and precious argan oil expertly harvested by community co-operatives in Morocco create an opulent, moisturizing base. Vitamin E-rich prickly pear oil and soothing rose hip oil nourish and calm, while lemon oil brightens. With an overall scent similar to our fan fave rose jam collection, this decadent oil is divine in every way!
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Sweep over the skin and gently rub in, or warm between your fingers and massage over the face.


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A lifesaver

Tampa, FL | 3 days ago

I got an awful sunburn that left blisters all across my face which turned into horrible dry cracked skin and terrible scabbing. Nothing could give me relief from the stinging sensation and the dryness which made my face tight and cracked. A lush employee recommended this for my condition and within 24 hours my skin was almost completely healed from the scabs. This was the ONLY moisturizer that gave my skin relief from the dryness. I have sensitive oily skin and I have yet to break out from this product. 10/10 all around!!
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Love this moisturizer!

British Columbia | 17 days ago

This is THE perfect oil-based facial moisturizer. I use it once a day before bed. It lasts through washing if you use a gentle soapless cleanser. It helped heal sunburn in the summer and chapped skin in the winter. It smells AMAZING, and the fragrance doesn't irritate sensitive skin. It doesn't stain pillowcases or towels. I LOVE IT.
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Can't go without it

Ottawa | 17 days ago

Tried this one out back in September after having an allergic reaction that made my face swell and dry up: anything would irritate it and would simply not make the huge dry patches disappear. The next day after using it, my skin was so, so, so smooth and soothed. I would use it morning and night (I have pretty dry and sensitive skin that's not acne prone) and it would make me glow and have even skin. I finished the bar about a month or two ago and I notice how my skin looks more dull and uneven without it. Just had to get it again to have perfect skin when I get out of quarantine. Also, the smell is absolutely lovely!
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Simply best Lush product

Ohio | 24 days ago

Absolutely the best thing lush sells. Used right after cleansing in the shower, it leaves me moisturized but not greasy, a perfect base for makeup or even another moisturizer (hello cosmetic lad!) for us flaky-skinned folks. Smells just like the rose jam collection, liked the texture better than Full of Grace bar. I will never buy another oil for my face again (I'm a convert from rosehip oil and pumpkin seed oil)
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Perfect facial conditioner bar

New York, NY | 27 days ago

I LOVE this facial bar. My skin is dry, and I always try to keep it well moisturized. Not heavy, and it smells LOVELY.
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Surprise favorite

Kentucky | 1 month ago

As someone with oily/combination skin, I didn't expect to love this product as much as I do. I use it as the last step in my nightly skincare routine, and it acts as an occlusive to seal in moisture from the facial moisturizer I put on in the step before. It smells AMAZING and leaves my skin soft and glowy. It's quite small, but I feel it's reasonably priced, especially considering how little it takes to fully cover the face. If you have very dry or dehydrated skin, you might need to use a bit more, but just a couple of swipes between my palms gets the job done for my skin. I would buy this by the brick if possible!
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Grand Rapids, Mi | 3 months ago

This facial oil is amazing. I got a sample of this and its what made me want to start a skincare routine. Its so good and light. The smell is subtle and it last a long long time. Definitely will keep this in my life for a long time along my other items because my dry skin is now just skin. Healthy, beautiful, life filled skin.
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Oil for oily skin!? Who would've known!?

Phoenix, AZ | 3 months ago

My husband surprised me with a whole lot of Lush skincare for Valentine's Day. Knowing I have oily skin and the products i already use, the associate was able to direct him to new items! The sales associate also had oily skin and used the same products i had used prior, but had two great additions - one of which was the Argan face oil moisturizer. I'd always wanted to try oils but was turned off by the ones that come as actual oil. This bar is perfect because of the other ingredients mixed in. Such a great balance! While yes my skin is super oily and I sweat a ton, I am not acne prone. I use this 2-3 times a week as a night moisturizer. I cleanse with coal face, then use the rosy cheeks mask. After rinsing off, I hit my mug with some rose water toner. I let my skin breathe for about 20 min then I rub the bar between my hands for about 5 seconds at a time and start at my least oily spot and move down. I continue until my fave feels covered, but not heavy! *the first time I used it I used way too much and my face felt like I had an inch of product on* Now that I've learned the balance, it's been nothing but helpful. My skin feels even and and looks kore supple. I'd highly recommend for non-acne prone skin!
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Good product, not for my skin

IL | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I use this product as a nightly moisturizer. And unfortunately I've been noticing more acne redness. Not terrible, no big pimples, but I can tell my skin isn't super happy. I like the way it feels, you can put on a little and it absorbs and feels lightweight. Or can put on more for bedtime. Works well. Smell is pretty neutral.


Bozeman, MT | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I recently got back on a pretty intense benzoyl cream to control my CONSIDERABLE hormonal acne. Unfortunately, that stuff dries me out and makes my face very sensitive. I've been using Full of Grace for over a year now (feels great! But doesn't get rid of my acne), and just recently started using Argan daily. The texture and hydration of my skin is totally different than it was six months ago! It smells great, soaks in fast (even with Full of Grace underneath), and my face feels genuinely amazing. It's even slowly but surely fading some of my acne scars. I usually use it at night when I'm not planning on using foundation because I do feel like it makes my makeup shinier, but it looks fantastic on a clean face and gives you a great glow. 15/10 would recommend to basically everyone.
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