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Lipstick Refill
4.1 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 02125
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Been missing our makeup line? You're not alone. We went back to the lab to reformulate and perfect our lipsticks to make them even more low-waste and lovely. The result is these lipstick refills, dipped in wax and easily dropped into our vintage-inspired lipstick case. Midnight is a gorgeous shade of plummy purple that glides sweetly and easily along the lips thanks to hydrating jojoba oil and a blackcurrant absolute scent. You also use your finger to dab this rich color onto your lips over top of a lip balm for a tinted effect, or on your cheeks as a natural-looking blush. Don't fear the stroke of midnight: this lippie lasts well into the early hours.
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How to Use

Drop into a lipstick case, slide up and apply directly to your lips.