Cleansing charcoal bar
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Ideal for combination or oily skin, our mildly exfoliating charcoal facial soap makes quick work of excess oil to leave your skin matte and super clean. We counteract charcoal's deep-cleansing action with soothing rosewood and sandalwood oils to reduce redness and keep your skin nicely balanced. The formula is rounded out with a cleansing liquorice decoction, giving this bar a subtle anise scent.
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How to Use

Wet face and the cleansing bar. Create a lather in your hands, then apply to the face. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.


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My Husband loves It

Jacksonville, Fl | 4 days ago

I turned my husband over to this soap and he loves it. He says it helps him with his acne and makes his face soft. Before he use to wash his face with regular soap and water until I got him a sample of coalface and now he uses nothing else
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


NJ | 5 days ago

I've loved this soap for years. I loved that I could buy as little or as much as I wanted, and the formula was perfection. Now it's harder to rinse off and feels like it leaves a residue on my skin. Please bring back the old formula!!!!!!

Bring the old formula back please

Florida | 6 days ago

The cocoa butter gives me acne please bring the old formula back.

I would buy this product again.

San Bernadino, CA | 7 days ago

Love the product. Thank you.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Old formula was so much better

Omaha, Nebraska | 10 days ago

I don't know what changed. I mean, the shape, obviously. But it doesn't last as long. It doesn't clear along as well. It's less nourishing. All around not nearly as gods of a product. Super disappointed.

Bring back the old formula please!!!

Surrey | 12 days ago

The old formula was the best. A small bar lasted me a year and cleaned my face so well but now the new formula the same size bar lasts me maybe 3 months and the quality is nowhere the same. Should not have been branded as the same product.

A little drying

DE | 14 days ago

A little drying make sure to follow up with a good moisturizer. I think I'm going to stick with dark angels or herbalism

Burns like heck. Left a rash

Tulsa, OK | 17 days ago

The soap felt nice until I started to wash it off, then it burnt like heck for hours after I got it rinsed off and left a massive rash on my face. If you have moderately sensitive skin DO NOT USE THIS!!!!

Thank you!

Kettering Ohio | 17 days ago

I am so happy they changed coal face back to the way it was (still a different shape)! The last time I purchased coal face, Lush had changed it from a solid form to a jelly-like form. I went on vacation and packed it in a ziplock bag. It fell apart! When I went to use it, it was all mushy! It was so hard to use from that point. It also didn't seem to have any exfoliating substance in it. I was worried about purchasing it again but I am so glad I did!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

PLEASE bring back the old formulation!!

Maryland | 24 days ago

I've been using coalface exclusively on my face since I discovered Lush in Las Vegas on a vacation in 2009. The closest location to me at the time was Herald Square in NY—it wasn't in malls every where yet. I bought this stuff in pounds when I'd go to NYC every 6 months or so (I live in MD). This was the best soap I'd ever used for my face. EVER. I have always had serious acne, even as an adult (while on bc, while pregnant, post-partum,...always!), and this WAS the only non-Rx face wash I could use that could tame the pimples. Whelp, unfortunately not any longer. The exfoliating grit seems to only be on top now, versus throughout, and it's very intense, rather than evenly mixed. The bars don't last nearly as long as they used to either, which is extremely disappointing. I used to be able to make a petal last anywhere from 3 weeks to a month if I kept the bar out of the shower. This version I burn through in two weeks max, AND my once controlled breakouts are back. Ugh. It's now sadface, not coalface. :-( Please bring back the old version, Lush!!!!
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