Erase Bullying

In early 2013, LUSH was featured on an episode of Undercover Boss Canada, and our very own shop staff member Sina Kamran spoke candidly about his past experience as a victim of bullying. Our eyes were opened to the harsh realities of this issue, and we invited Sina to help create the concept and direction of our next ethical campaign: Erase Bullying.

The campaign launched in early September 2013, coinciding with the return of millions of North American kids and teens to school. With the help of artist Bryce Evans of The One Project, our shop windows were transformed into shocking displays of hurtful words collected from real bullying experiences. We invited our customers to physically erase the words from our window and pledge to do their part to erase bullying from their lives.

Our Partners

The Charter for Compassion

This organization is committed to promoting compassionate thinking and actions in an effort to erase negativity from our communities. They organize the annual Compassion Games: an international movement of spreading compassion with a hint of friendly competition!

Fondation Jasmin Roy

This Quebec-based charity is fighting against discrimination, bullying and violence in schools through sustainable solutions like in-school anti bullying programs. Their aim is to reduce bullying-related dropouts and raise the public’s awareness of bullying in schools.

Our Progress

Sina Kamran, the retail staff member who helped to design the campaign said, “I felt that a lot of our customers and walkers-by alike were not only touched by what was going on, but were more than happy to help Erase Bullying! A lot of customers used the window as a way to get out pent up feelings: the physical act of erasing a word that may have affected them really acted as closure…I felt that the campaign was extremely successful. It succeeded in getting people to notice, and to understand that bullying is more than just a rite of passage.”

Through the sale of Charity Pot hand and body lotion, we donated $25 500 towards the cost of organizing the 2013 Compassion Games. The Games were held in September 2013, and included communities from across the globe competing to be the most compassionate place on earth!

$11,000 from the Charity Pot initiative was donated to Fondation Jasmin Roy to fund one Quebec school’s anti-bullying program for the duration of one the school year.

Undercover Boss Canada airs on W network.