Argan Dragon

Argan Dragon

Slay that dry skin
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Who says superfoods are just for smoothies and sad salads? Argan Dragon is a fantastically fruity shower oil that's loaded with beetroot powder, dragon fruit powder and poppy seeds, plus argan oil sourced from the heart of Morocco, where it provides rural communities with a stable income. This hardworking shower staple cleanses, scrubs and softens skin while you shower. Step out of the shower and into the world with the sweet, marzipan-like scent thanks to ylang ylang, almond essential oil and benzoin resinoid.
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Argan Dragon



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Smooth over your whole body in the shower. Rinse away for soft, strokable skin.


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Not moisturizing enough

Palo Alto, California | 9 days ago

I've been a Lushie for over 16 years, and worked for the company both in the UK and US. Since King of Skin was discontinued (what were you thinking, Lush?) I have been trying alternatives, as I prefer a solid lotion. Argan Dragon is not a good replacement. It is oily, not creamy. it does not moisturize enough to replace KOS. The scent is okay and it does linger. The poppy seeds are unnecessary. I keep the bar out of the shower spray and it does last for 10 showers.

Already buying another!

Anchorage, AK | 27 days ago

I was skeptical about this product at first but liked the idea of the naked packaging and promise of moisturizing. I've tried so many things between lotions, gels, and in shower moisturizers but am still left with skin like the little reptile I am. Although this does make my tub a little slippery (I just make sure to rinse it after use now), it works wonders for me, doesn't leave me feeling greasy or waxy, and keeps my legs soft all day even when wearing skin tight jeans. Seriously recommend!!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Pink only on the outside

Victoria | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

The pink color and resemblance to a dragon fruit was what got me to pick this up. Sadly, the pink is only a coating on the exterior of plain colored argan oil. Overall I think minamisoma is way better option. You'll only like this if you're ok with the argan oil smell.

Slaying that Dry Winter Skin

Austin | 5 months ago

Freaking love this stuff. I have literally slathered my itchy, dry winter legs in avocado oil and that barely helped me. But this stuff actually works! Just don't use too much, it's an oil so you don't need a lot (accidentally used too much the first time and I almost fell in the shower because it got so slick!). Some people say it doesn't last long, but that's because they're using waaaaay too much of it. You also need to make sure it dries properly after use. I also remove mine from the shower completely Going to buy one for my mom. I think it'll be great for her diabetic skin.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Smells AMAZING and perfect for dry skin!

Laval | 5 months ago

This product left my skin feel smooth, silky and buttery which is perfect for winter! The poppy seeds also gave a really nice texture and feel. The downside is that it melts pretty quickly and the product felt so small in my hand already after only 1 use.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

doesn't last long

SC | 5 months ago

Verified Reviewer

the bar didn't last long and broke in half after a few uses.


St. Louis, MO | 5 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I liked this product's scent and color a lot, but it didn't last long at all. Maybe a few showers and it was gone. It wasn't too exfoliating, only on the white area, which I liked for other areas of the skin that didn't need the exfoliating.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Doesn't last long

Montreal | 5 months ago

The product smelled nice, hydrated my skin. The thing is: the almond are a little bit too big for my taste. They don't scrub as much as buffy or scrubee because they are bigger. Also, I've only been using it 4 times and it's almost gone. I only use it for my legs and arms. It just melted easily and quickly

Very... meh.

Greenville SC | 5 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I was disappointed by this product. I've usually loved lush's moisturizing products, from buffy, to scrub, to body conditioners and massage bars. I was sure this one would be just as good. It melted away a little too quickly for my liking in the shower, but then wouldn't rinse off my skin very well. Some places felt as though it was he doff completely and were left dry, while other places, it clung on to and wouldn't come off. I was wearing some silky pajama pants after my shower and this product made an actual grease stain on my pants :( No other lotions or body conditioners have every done that. The smell was... just alright. It smelled a bit plasticy and almost too synthetic. Not very typical for Lush, in my opinion.

Great product but doesn't last

New Jersey | 6 months ago

I used it once and it is a great product. Easy to use and actually made my skin very soft. Would give the product a 11/10. However, after only one use it's like 1/6th of the way gone. Not worth the money to only get less than a week out of it
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