Dazzling Christmas décor

Get creative with these amazing holiday innovations 

Amazeball Bath Bombs

Feeling extra indulgent? Bubble up a bathing bonanza with this combination of bath bomb fizz and bubble bar foam. Twist off the top and sprinkle the festive foaming dust first or use it all at once for the biggest, frothiest and most festive bath to date.

A giant floral treat
Dance with the sugarplums
Soft lunar landing

It's the season of the bath

Soak It Up

Bath Oil Tablets 

First, hang them as decoration on your tree. Then, when the time comes, melt them into your tub for a lavish experience that will leave your skin silky smooth.

Step up your décor game

Get creative

Santa's On His Way

Bath Oil Tablet
Hydrating holiday cheer

Cinnamon Orange

Bath Oil Tablet
Spice up your holidays


Bath Oil Tablet
Dry skin? Snow problem

Toothpaste Jelly

Toothpaste jellies are a wiggly new way to brush your teeth. This year's holiday collection features just one sweet flavor, Candy Cane, ready to freshen up the season with menthol crystals and peppermint oil. Scoop out some jelly with a dry toothbrush, add water and use as regular toothpaste to cleanse your teeth, leaving you ready for any mistletoe affair. 


Candy Cane

Toothpaste Jelly
Refreshing mint jelly

Take care of your smile

Get Fresh