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Wild Bird Trust of British Columbia

WBT Wild Bird Trust of British Columbia is a membership-based, non-profit organization with charitable status. We are dedicated to wild birds and their habitats on the principle all wildlife must benefit. Over two decades ago we took a degraded industrial area and turned it into the North Shore's first Wildlife Sanctuary - The Conservation Area at Maplewood Flats. Nature has rewarded us for our endeavours - the bird species list has risen from 208 in 1993 to 249 in 2016. We have developed important conservation programs and also offer free events to the public throughout the year.

How we helped

Water is Life! Your generous grant for our project " Teaching Water Conservation" allows us to harvest and store rainwater to be used as necessary for our Native Plant Nursery and for the general comfort and well being of birds who frequent our major bird feeding station throughout the year. Since WBT is on metered water this project is extremely valuable. "Teaching Water Conservation" also serves as an educational tool since we hope that by setting an example of how rainwater can be saved we encourage others to do the same.

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