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W.O.L.F. conducts environmental educational outreach in the public schools and larger communities on an ongoing basis to effect long-term systemic change in how we humans interact with and relate to our wild animals and wild lands. We look at how we connect with animals and respect them and find our own rightful place in the the ecosystem as guardians to bring about a lasting change in our society. Among our most effective tools are public outreach and screenings of our educational documentaries, “Comfort in Wilderness” camps for young people, story telling, writing and songs about our animals and nature.

How we helped

A donation from LUSH is essential to Howling For Wolves Action Funds' work to keep the wolf protected in Minnesota. Having a presence at the state capitol through organizing wolf supporters and hiring professional lobbyists enables us to work on passing laws to protect the Minnesota Gray wolf which is the source population for the entire continental US gray wolf population recovery.

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