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Walking Water

Walking Water is an invitation, action, educational journey and a prayer intended to bring together the voices of the many Peoples of the Eastern Sierra and LA watersheds through the act of pilgrimage between Mono Lake and LA. It includes the practice of deep listening and speaking in a way that contributes to community building, sharing old and new stories, healing of differences and conflict. Set over 3 years, Walking Water will weave community projects, look to raise awareness on the local and global water situation and gather practices that can lead to a healthier future for the land and the people.

How we helped

Charity Pot supports the Walking Water project in two ways: first, it provides the financial foundation for our ongoing work, creating stable building blocks that will have long term and significant effects. Second, it opens Walking Water to a vast network of people who are contributing to our collective sustainable futures. We feel honored to be part of such a network.

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