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Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings provides a forever home for abused, retired and injured big cats, exotics and domestic animals. We educate the general public concerning the bond between humans and animals in the natural world. We teach that private and commercial ownership, hunting for profit or support and the destruction of the natural habitat will mean eventual extinction for these creatures. Our ultimate goal is for humankind to take responsibility and care properly for the animals that are in need of protection. Until that time, we will provide a sanctuary and education towards that goal.

How we helped

The Lush donation will allow VOTK to create two new enclosures: one for our bobcats and the other, a new aviary. The enclosures will each include an appropriately-sized heated shed and secure fencing. Our members will be able to enjoy communing with the bobcats, savannahs and peacocks in the new, more accessible enclosures. We will be able to replace old, leaky roofs with new matching metal roofs to all outlying buildings. The ability to move the peacocks and smaller cats to their new enclosures will enhance their socialization and expand VOTK's opportunity to educate the public. This donation is a true blessing!

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