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The Unbound Project

Unbound is a multimedia project that celebrates the women at the forefront of animal advocacy. In addition to honouring the many women who have fought for animals, Unbound will also inspire people to do what they can to make a difference. Animal advocacy is a movement that is continually evolving, growing and challenging the status quo. Not only will Unbound tell the stories of women from past eras whose efforts for animals are largely forgotten today, but it also chronicles the history that is being made right now. This is a living archive.

24 Hour Vigil: Collection of Photographs by Jo-Anne McArthur from Kelly Guerin on Vimeo.

How we helped

With the Charity Pot donation, Unbound was able to access the necessary expertise to make this project smart, unique, multifaceted and visible. They were able to bring in essayists, videographers and all of the archival material needed to make this project bloom. Lush is also providing on-the-ground help during overseas shoots, helping to execute all of the incredible stories they're gathering, photographing, writing about and sharing.

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