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Society Promoting Environmental Conservation

Founded in 1969, the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) is a non-profit charitable organization that addresses sustainability issues in urban communities of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. We are committed to helping individuals and families learn about sustainability and feel empowered to drive change in their communities. SPEC develops practical solutions through education, advocacy and research in the following areas: Energy: Promoting energy conservation and the use of renewable energy. Food: Building a more sustainable and resilient local food system. Land & Water: Protecting our green and blue spaces. Transportation: Advocating for sustainable transportation. Waste: Promoting practices that lead to waste reduction.

How we helped

Due to an increase in demand from Vancouver schools, SPEC has the opportunity to reach out to more educators and students with its programs. With support from Lush, SPEC will be able to increase outreach in four schools with financial support needs.

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