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Sane Energy Project

Sane Energy Project's goal is to replace shale gas infrastructure with renewable, equitable, sustainable infrastructure. We oppose the development, transport and export of fracked shale gas (“natural gas”). We support a goal of zero fossil fuel dependence by 2030, as outlined by the 2009 Stanford University study. We are a New York-based grassroots group, formed in 2011 to oppose The Spectra Pipeline, the first of several large, high-pressure, gas pipelines slated to enter NYC. Today, we have enlarged that mission to include shale gas infrastructure statewide and regionally. We stand in solidarity with activists fighting all forms of extreme extraction.

How we helped

Lush’s assistance is helping to create and install a physical structure that is a livable, energy and waste-sufficient example of how we can build our sustainable future. The goal of the structure is to hinder construction of Spectra's AIM Pipeline, a high-pressure 42"" pipeline being constructed by taking local, private and public land by Eminent Domain, against the will of the community and local ordinances and resolutions. This action will start a larger conversation about how projects like the AIM pipeline, all over our continent and beyond, shut out the potential solutions that renewable energy and local community control of energy systems can offer. Successfully deploying this structure will enormously raise our odds of fending off the AIM pipeline while creating a national dialogue about corporations taking from the public for their own economic gains.

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