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Revelstoke Bear Aware

Revelstoke Bear Aware works to keep bears wild and the community safe. By identifying the presence of bear attractants in town, they're able to educate citizens about how to reduce these attractants to reduce conflict. They advocate for city management that minimizes conflicts, such as installing a bear-resistant garbage system, and actively help manage fruit harvest through their Gleaning Project. Additionally they monitor the presence and activities of bears in the community and communicate this information to human residents. Through these measures they instill a sense of respect for bears as co-inhabitants of our landscape.

How we helped

The generous donation from Lush has helped Bear Aware run important education program through allowing purchases of supplies for their school program, to purchase new and informative rack cards for distribution around the town, to run the fruit harvesting program (The Gleaning Project), and to hire a coordinator who presents their message to schools, at public displays, and in door-to-door campaigns. The impact that this program has on both the citizens and the bears of Revelstoke is huge. Before the program began, an average of 27 bears were destroyed in Revelstoke each year due to conflict with humans. Since the program began educating people to manage bear attractants, the average number of bears destroyed each year has dropped to less than 7. The reduction in bear mortality reflects a corresponding increase in human safety. If bears are not attracted to garbage or unmanaged fruit, they're significantly less likely to become aggressive or dangerous to humans and are less likely to damage property.

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