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Pacific Primate Sanctuary is a nonprofit refuge dedicated to the protection of threatened and endangered rainforest monkeys. Many have been rescued from laboratories, the pet trade, and tourist attractions. PPS provides refuge and rehabilitation, creating natural habitats where primates can reclaim some of their birthright. They live in the green world with others of their own kind. Our volunteer community nurtures them with devoted care, providing a place of peace and healing where the monkeys can recover from the exploitation and abuse they have endured. The Sanctuary relies on compassionate people to support the primates, and the species they represent.

How we helped

"The support of Lush Cosmetics sustains the lives of the animals at Pacific Primate Sanctuary and helps make what we do possible. Our primate population is aging, and each year we are seeing a higher incidence of animals needing veterinary care, medications and special diets. The vital funding from Lush helps to provide for the nutritional and medical necessities of the monkeys who have found a safe haven here. The needs of the primates at PPS are first and foremost. The monkeys are treated with respect, compassion, and understanding. They are provided the housing, social grouping, nutrition and nurturance that best benefit and facilitate their natural behavior. The funding from Lush ensures that each primate receives the best care possible for his or her physical, psychological and social well-being. Primate enclosures are designed to provide as natural an existence as is possible in captivity and the ability to fulfill the entire range of innate drives. This includes access to outdoor enclosures, natural vegetation, an enriched environment, varied and healthy diet and space enough to live freely in social groups. With Lush's partnership, Pacific Primate Sanctuary can continue to provide safe refuge to threatened primates, many of them members of critically endangered species. The contribution from Lush allows us to continue to rehabilitate and protect threatened and endangered animals rescued from the research industry, the exotic pet trade and commercial exhibits, conserve the species they represent, and continue being a force for good in the world. "

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