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OELO was formed by lake region residents in Gabon to protect the environment for future generations. OELO’s first project became an ecotourism site, Tsam Tsam, to create jobs while protecting biodiversity. In time our mission grew to: 1) Protect biodiversity and ecosystem services for future generations, 2) Foster environmental awareness in local communities, 3) Inspire the next generation to become environmental stewards, and 4) Help lake region residents to generate income through the sustainable use of resources. OELO leads programs in ecotourism, environmental education, sustainable fishing, community outreach and biodiversity research in the lake region of Gabon.

How we helped

Lush's donation allowed OELO to build an environmental education program in 17 primary and secondary schools and launch youth nature clubs that lead environmental stewardship projects in the lake region. In 2016 Lush funding will help OELO to create a youth nature center, host a World Environment Day festival, create a biodiversity mural, and sponsor youth environmental leaders on trips to OELO's ecotourism site at Tsam Tsam.

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