North Island Wildlife Recovery Association

We are a non-profit organization that cares for the well-being of Vancouver Island wildlife and strives to educate the public. NIWRA programs include: rehabilitation of Vancouver Island wildlife, school programs, tours, public viewing area (non-releasable Vancouver Island wildlife), volunteer opportunities, community involvement in fundraisers and public awareness events, and memberships. The wheelchair-accessible center has a calming atmosphere where everyone enjoy the beauty of nature.

How we helped

The Lush donation will cover the cost of constructing a greenhouse that will be used to grow fresh greens and vegetables to feed the bear cubs in rehabilitation at the facility. The greenhouse will also provide samples of indigenous plant material for the educational programs at the center for adults and children for a nominal fee. Receiving this donation has helped NIWRA to realize a dream of a greenhouse to compliment the certified Wildlife Garden that was developed on site in 2015, and officially opened in 2016. Courses are already underway at the Wildlife Garden and mini-marsh, and all visitors to the center have the opportunity to learn from this important addition to our interpretive programs at NIWRA.

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