No New Animal Lab

No New Animal Lab (NNAL) is a grassroots pressure campaign and network dedicated to stop the University of Washington (UW) from building a proposed underground Animal Research and Care Facility, which would expand the number of animals that UW can torture and kill by thousands. Skanska USA is the major construction corporation contracted to build the lab, and Skanska is the campaign's primary target. NNAL is more than a campaign: it's a vehicle for mass movement building and grassroots networking. As a model for a radical animal liberation movement, NNAL is focused on solidarity, support and coalition building.

How we helped

Lush's donation has made it possible for No New Animal Lab to reach its capacity for national--and even international--organizing. It has provided support for legal infrastructure, grassroots networking, event organizing, materials, merchandise, graphic design, videography and editing, and web development.

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