NOLA Green Roots

NOLA Green Roots in New Orleans develops community gardens that teach residents how to grow fruits and vegetables at a low cost. Since Hurricane Katrina, many neighbourhood grocery stores have not returned to their previous locations. Many residents were left without access to grocery stores and farmers markets and struggled with the absence of fresh food or the resources to obtain it. NOLA Green Roots shows residents how to seed, plant and grow their own fresh food. One of their fundamental on-site lessons is the effect of climate change on food security. Climate change is expected to cause a global decline in agricultural output, making fresh produce increasingly unaffordable. During gardening sessions, NOLA teaches the importance of a community's food security system- a system which allows residents to grow their own food or donate what they have grown to others. Experienced gardeners teach residents how locally grown food decreases a community's reliance on fossil fuels for transport of food from large agricultural areas. Other gardeners teach residents how to improve health through increased fresh vegetable consumption and exercise.

How we helped

Donations from LUSH went towards Phase One of the Children's Village Garden Project. It payed for planter boxes, paving stones and hourly wage for disadvantaged youth to help build the garden. This garden is accessible for all children in the community to learn about composting, gardening and provides a safe space to play and get dirty!

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