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Monk Seal Foundation

The Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal. The population is at a dangerously low 1,100 seals and is continuing to decline at 4% per year, making it the most endangered marine mammal in the U.S.A. The Foundation is committed to saving this species through three conservation programs: seal response networks on the Islands of O’ahu and Moloka’i, a statewide K-12 classroom education program, and outreach efforts designed to build public awareness about the endangered species and promote a culture of coexistence among seals and humans within the Hawaiian archipelago.

How we helped

The Lush funding provided much needed resources to our Hawaiian monk seal response networks on the Islands of O’ahu and Moloka’i. We purchased the necessary supplies to create seal protection zones, which are integral to the long-term survival of the seals on these populous islands because they establish a barrier between the animal and humans, granting the seals’ habitat to engage in their natural instincts. Lush provided funding to be used for emergency seal responses, such as hookings, injuries, entanglements, etc., which is paramount as every individual is significant to the species’ recovery. Also, the donation from Lush enabled the Foundation to produce tide calendar books for fishermen which provide useful data to fishermen, such as daily highs and lows of tides, as well as monk seal conservation information, such as who to contact when a seal is sighted, what to do if a seal is hooked or entangled, best fishing practices and more. The Foundation is thoroughly grateful for being chosen as a partner in Lush’s charity program.

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