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Legado believes in a world where individual choices lead to a collective legacy for a thriving planet. From Legado’s flagship community-based conservation initiative on Mount Namuli in Mozambique to engaging and empowering the next generation of development leaders from around the world, the Legado team passionately pursues solutions where legacy-driven leadership supports a flourishing future for the people and biodiversity of Africa and beyond. We believe that the most effective conservation gains and sustainable development initiatives require a committed process of stakeholder participation, ownership and visionary leadership.

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How we helped

Legado: Namuli is the organization’s flagship initiative on Mount Namuli in Mozambique. Mount Namuli is the ancestral home for millions of Lomwe and Makua people and has been designated a Level 1 Priority Key Biodiversity Area by the Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund, an Important Bird Area, an Important Plant Area, and an Alliance for Zero Extinction site. Without formal conservation protection, the mountain’s biodiversity and ecosystems are rapidly being degraded by unsustainable natural resource use and agricultural practices by the 10,000 people that live on its flanks. Driven by population growth and poverty, these trends are accelerating a vicious cycle that further compromises human well-being in an area that already lacks medical, agricultural and educational support. Through Legado: Namuli, and with the help of the Lush's donation, Legado aims to develop a community-based management system around Mount Namuli. The goal is to conserve the mountain’s rich and unique biodiversity while also balancing the critically important ecosystem services the mountain provides to the surrounding communities.

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