Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance

All the creatures of the earth who think and feel deserve to live their lives wild and free without the heel of oppression bearing down on their spirit. We live in a world where animal cruelty has become so normalized that we no longer live in balance with nature and passively accept the violence inflicted upon them. but that is changing. Our vision is to awaken society from the slumber of apathy into action through acts of defiance and inspiration. Animals need your voice: join the movement.

How we helped

KOALA in partnership with Lush is geared up to fight animal cruelty. With their support we are now able to reach a larger audience and be a louder voice for the animals. Installations like the Fur Cruelty Theater have given "glass walls" to animal exploitation industries which hide from the public in darkness. Pulling back the curtain and shining light on animal suffering gives people the will to demand freedom and justice for animals victimized by a culture of cruelty.

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