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Hug It Forward

Hug It Forward is a movement to inspire people everywhere to live their passion while giving back to make a lasting change in the world. Hug It Forward empowers rural communities in Guatemala to build "bottle schools": schools built using plastic soda bottles and other trash. Entire communities come together to clean their environment and build a bottle school, creating the opportunity of education and a brighter future.

How we helped

LUSH funded the building of two bottle schools in remote communities in Guatemala. In addition, Charity Pot has helped by donating money to cover the costs for developing and executing an Environmental program for the students where the bottle schools are being built. In spring of 2013, a group of 21 LUSH staff volunteered in Guatemala with Hug it Forward where they helped build the 2 room school that LUSH funded. We look forward to the next time we can be put to work on another build with Hug it Forward!

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