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Hawaii Wildlife Center

The Hawaii Wildlife Center (HWC) is dedicated to protecting native wildlife in the Hawaiian Islands and Pacific Islands Region. HWC operates Hawaii's only native bird and bat hospital, specializing in the care of more than 70 different species and subspecies of native birds and Hawaii's only native land mammal, the Hawaiian hoary bat. 90% of these species are federally threatened, endangered or of state conservation concern. HWC aims to fight the further loss of native wildlife in our islands and provides a resource to help people and wildlife coexist.

How we helped

Support from Lush contributes to the care of native wildlife patients at the Hawaii Wildlife Center wildlife hospital. Many of our patients are at the hospital for long-term care and this support helps us cover the costs of each patient's medications, diagnostics, food and housing maintenance. Support from Lush also helps us pay for transport costs to bring injured wildlife in need of critical care to the wildlife hospital for treatment as well as transport costs to bring patients back home for release once they are healed and healthy.

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