Green World Campaign

Green World Campaign has a bold goal: “ReGreen the world in one generation.” It restores degraded land through tree-planting and eco-agriculture, increasing food security, reducing poverty, and regenerating healthy soil in communities on the front lines of climate change. GWC has planted a million trees In Kenya, where it has 100 eco-school programs serving tens of thousands of children; works with elders to restore sacred forests; and helps farming cooperatives cultivate superfood moringa trees. GWC also creates media like ""Text TREE,' where dazzling images of forests filled jumbo Times Square screens and enabled audiences to plant trees in Kenya via cellphone.

How we helped

Thanks to Lush’s generous donation, Green World Campaign was able to supply its schools programs with catchment tanks to harvest rainwater, as well as shade nets and drip irrigation kits. This enables students, as part of their ecology studies, to propagate seedlings even in hot and dry conditions, leading to higher survival rate. With drip kits and more fortified vegetable garden, schools are can do more “companion planting” of trees and vegetables. They are able to plant all year round rather than limiting themselves to rainy seasons. Because the trees and vegetables are healthier, they are resistant to plant pests and diseases, reporting higher yields. Children obtain extra nutrition from fruits and vegetables, and introduce multipurpose trees from their schools programs to their farming communities. Some Green World Schools programs have been able to set up eco-businesses by selling their excess harvest to the surrounding communities. Lush's donation will also help support special programs to cultivate “superfood” moringa trees.

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