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GIRLS 2000

GIRLS 2000 is a safe haven for girls, ages 10-18, living in San Francisco's public housing community. GIRLS 2000 incorporates environmental education to empower girls to become self-fulfilled individuals, future leaders and role models in their community.Through project-based learning and opportunities to exercise leadership, girls gain the knowledge, skills and self-confidence required to participate fully in their own empowerment process. GIRLS 2000 utilizes our community garden to provide participants and the community with practical examples and experiences of the natural rhythms and processes of a living world.

How we helped

Charity Pot donation will help GIRLS 2000 to expand the garden by installing an irrigation system to ensure the healthy growth and expansion of established plants and trees. It will also help support the girls to build their own greenhouses for seedlings and to cultivate starts to be planted in the garden. Finally, the project will support advanced permaculture classes so that youth are provided industry standard recognized education and training in permaculture, urban agriculture, and landscaping.

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