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Friends of the Orangutans

Friends of the Orangutans works with communities and organizations in Indonesia and Malaysia to promote conservation. Ongoing development in these countries has led to vast areas of forests being lost to the timber, mining and palm oil industries. While the threats of extinctions to wildlife, including the iconic orangutan, have been well publicized and acted on, little has been done to preserve the plant biodiversity of Borneo.

How we helped

Donations from Lush have been instrumental in getting conservation projects started in Indonesia. Our focus is on getting local communities into conservation, a platform that is hard to find funding for compared to the rescue centers. Our belief that successful conservation must include local communities was reinforced in 2016, with the publication of reports that showed how important it is to involve the people on the ground. Funds from Lush Cosmetics will be used to create a nursery in Central Kalimantan where the most endangered of plants, including trees and rare orchids, will be kept as a seed bank for future propagation. Lush-funded initiatives have enjoyed success, and recognition of their impact has resulted in other companies showing an interest in the projects.

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