Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed

FLOW represents the citizens and businesses of central Ohio that are interested in lightening human development impacts on the Olentangy River. This involves education and outreach to over 100,000 people about backyard conservation, invasive species, water harvesting, urban storm water impacts, agricultural impacts and emerging issues like plastics and microbeads. It takes a varied group of volunteers to help with a variety of educational and service events.

Green Collaborative Achievement Award - Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed from MORPC on Vimeo.

How we helped

FLOW has over 500 storm water ponds in our watershed and many of them are biologically sterile. They are mowed up to the waters' edge and sometimes are treated chemically to keep the algae populations low. There is very little habitat for our native insects, butterflies and birds. Thanks to Lush's grant in 2014, FLOW has created 15 demonstration storm water ponds that have increased the habitat and can be templates for other ponds.

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