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Circle of Children

Circle of Children is a nonprofit dedicated to providing youth with the tools, guidance and resources needed to become empowered stewards of the earth. We create enriched environments for children and families to connect with nature, develop their unique gifts, build community and create projects that serve humanity and our planet. We embody the gift economy, by offering all of our programs and services as a free resource. We are currently opening a Sustainable Education and Event Center in Triangle Lake, Oregon to serve as a global hub and demonstration site for sustainable models of living and learning.

How we helped

Our organization has a fully-developed conference and retreat center on 60 acres of forested property in Triangle Lake, Oregon. Funding from LUSH is being used to transform this land into a community event center that will teach, promote and demonstrate sustainable models living and learning. We are inviting schools, youth groups, green businesses and fellow nonprofit organizations to join us in activating this center as a resource for expanding our projects and programs. We are inviting the local and global community to utilize this center for their overnight camps, wilderness retreats, educational programs and eco-conscious events.

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