When it comes to animal rescue, there is no formal regulatory framework or “rule book”. All kinds of people are sympathetic to animals, but they don’t always know how best to help them. And they don’t know what the best strategies are to address root causes behind animal injuries and displacement, and not just help the animal in front of them at the moment. C4P’s RescueDiaries aims to showcase and share best practices for animal rescue at the grassroots level, reaching animal lovers, rescuers, advocates and activists, for the betterment of the entire Canadian rescue community. Together, we’ll do our best and share our best for all the precious animals.

How we helped

Lush’s grant will enable us to purchase the necessary hardware and software needed to produce well presented, well branded, broadcast quality content. With new equipment in hand, we will be ready and able to witness and capture animals’ stories and showcase rescue challenges and solutions. This equipment will give us autonomy and flexibility, and will engage and support mainstream audiences with practical tips on helping animals.

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