Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary

Katherine Connor founded Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary - BLES in 2006, determined to offer retirement to working elephants in Thailand. Located in the rural village of Baan Na Ton Chan, BLES offers its family of elephants 750 acres of lush, dense forest in which they spend their days roaming, swimming, foraging and socializing. BLES urges travellers to skip the shows, performances and rides during their next trip to Asia and support ethical elephant experiences instead.

How we helped

The grant Charity Pot has given Lush will be put towards the purchase of a large truck that will be used in many ways by our sanctuary. Currently, if an elephant is ill and in need of medical attention, it needs to be rushed to the nearest elephant hospital which is 4 hours away. The time we will save with having our own truck could be the difference in saving an elephant's life. There are many elephant owners in our community, and because they do not have the financial means to rent a truck themselves, we used to worry that their elephants could die prematurely without access to medical care. Lush's donation will not only benefit BLES elephants, but all elephants in our community as we are excited to transport any elephant in need, free of charge. In addition, the truck we will purchase will be big enough to collect an adequate stock of supplementary food for the elephants, such as corn, grass, sugar cane, or banana trees. Now that we have a reliable vehicle in which to collect supplementary feed, BLES can continue to support local farmers in our community by purchasing their crops and providing them with constant income.

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