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Asociacion Quisca is an organization dedicated to protecting Amazonian rainforests and eco-systems, using the Kukama indigenous peoples’ art, traditional stories, music and other forms of cultural expression to defend their sacred rivers. A schoolgirl from a village in Peru's northern Amazon paints a traditional Kukama creation myth during one of our workshops. The Kukama say their river is the “ɨa”, the mother or source of all things. But deforestation and contamination from oil spills, illegal gold mining and a massive hydrovia or “water highway” project threaten the Amazon's rivers. Asociacion Quisca works to combat these modern day intrusions, which are destroying the rainforest’s fragile eco-system and the source of livelihood for all the Amazon’s indigenous peoples.

How we helped

Support from Lush will allow us to publish copies of Karuara, People of the River, a book of myths and stories about Peru's Amazon, illustrated with paintings by Kukama children. The book will be used to raise awareness of the importance of the Amazon's rivers. Bilingual versions of the book, in Kukama and Spanish, will be donated to schools in the Amazon to help preserve this endangered language.

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