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The Andando Foundation

Andando seeks to alleviate poverty in rural Senegal through community development across all sectors. By focusing on the health of the whole village – health, education, agriculture, literacy, small business – and developing long-term partnerships, Andando creates thriving communities rooted in sustainable solutions that give ownership to those participating in the programs. This results in healthy and educated populations with new economic opportunities, capacity-building through ongoing training programs, partnerships to promote dignity over dependence, and empowered communities that work toward a brighter future.

How we helped

The Charity Pot grant will establish a community garden run by a women’s cooperative in the rural community of Sama Toucouleur, Senegal. Through this grant, we will build a solar-powered water pump to dramatically increase the capacity of the Sama Toucouleur Women’s Cooperative Market Garden. This simple and appropriate technology pulls clean, abundant water from underground aquifers. It allows a sustainable amount of water to irrigate the community garden all year round allowing for three robust growing seasons. The resulting vegetable production will generate income and provide nutritious options for the women, their families, and the community. This system will be a huge lift to the local economies and health, and a source of pride and motivation for the women involved to take hold of their own future and work toward a better tomorrow.

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