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Zero Ceiling Society of Canada

Zero Ceiling reduces youth homelessness and raises the quality of life for at-risk and homeless youth from Vancouver through the Sea to Sky Corridor. Our Whistler-based programs provide housing, employment and professional support that empower youth with effective, practical tools to live healthy and independent lives. Through adventure-based learning, we provide opportunities for youth to experience mountain life and cultivate healthy, purposeful direction in their lives. Since 1997, over 4,000 youth have participated in our Adventure Sessions, and over 70 youth have taken part in our life-changing Work 2 Live program. Work 2 Live is a comprehensive 12-month program that provides subsidized housing, employment, adventure-based learning, and ongoing professional support from youth workers. Eight youth per year, ages 19 to 24, benefit from stable housing, allowing them to focus on aspects of the program that promote personal growth and a healthy lifestyle. In partnership with Whistler Blackcomb, Zero Ceiling provides employment where youth earn valuable experience and the resources necessary to live independently.

How we helped

Lush’s donation allows us to scale our growth in order to help even more at-risk and homeless youth from Vancouver and the Sea to Sky Corridor get off the streets. It has enabled us to double the size and length of our life-changing Work 2 Live program.

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