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The Canadian Health and Environment Education and Research Foundation (CHEER)"

CHEER is a Canadian charitable organization that is dedicated to research and education on environmental issues that have the potential to adversely impact human health. Led by a Board of Directors which includes medical doctors, CHEER brings health evidence and a health perspective to policy discussions related to environmental issues. CHEER is a donor-based organization that has worked on issues related to cosmetic pesticides, neonicotinoid pesticides, coal-fired power plants, air pollution, renewable energy, nuclear energy, asbestos and climate change.

How we helped

Our thanks to Lush for funding CHEER’s work on pesticides in Quebec. This funding comes at a crucial point in the pesticides campaign in Quebec. Working in collaboration with our partners in Quebec, Lush's grant will allow us to effectively engage professionals, the public and decision-makers about the health impacts associated with neonicotinoids, atrazine, glyphosate and pyrethoids and the policies that could be employed to reduce their use.

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