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Amigos de las Tortugas Marinas, ATMAR Inc.

Amigos de las Tortugas Marinas- ATMAR (Friends of Sea Turtles) is a community-based organization working since 2001 to protect endangered sea turtles in southeast Puerto Rico. The organization is run by local volunteers. ATMAR has an educational center with conference room, little museum and have a summer internship program for university students from others countries to work as volunteers. Thanks to all the work done patrolling the beaches to protect nesting turtles and their nest and education of the public, the local nesting turtle population is increasing every year. ATMAR is a story of success in sea turtle conservation.

How we helped

The Charity Pot donation will help ATMAR buy equipment and materials such as ATV, GPS, microchip scanner and others that will help to facilitate the work of the volunteers with turtles.

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