1to1 Movement

The 1to1Movement exists to inspire and simplify sustainability in daily life. We’re helping each person find their own way to save the world. We do this through: Education—dynamic learning projects and experiences, with an emphasis on K-12 classroom programs, that introduce students to real-life sustainability. Engagement—hands-on initiatives that support people in taking their sustainable lifestyle to the next level. Our STACKED program brings a mobile, double-decker, farm to students to effectively introduce the conversation on nutritional, local, organic, and sustainable food systems.

The AWAY Project - The 1:1 Movement from Amelia Damplo on Vimeo.

How we helped

Lush's contribution will help finalize the completion of our mobile, double-decker greenhouse/activity lab/learning garden. STACKED engages students to think about food in a way in which they never had. Lush's contribution generously advances the mission and scope of this project exponentially.

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