Care For Your Microbiome

Care For Your Microbiome

Plant-based and super powered skincare

Care For Your Microbiome

Your skin is an ecosystem. Each square centimeter of skin is home to around one million microorganisms, known as your microbiome—a system that helps your immune system function efficiently. We believe great skincare should offer maximum benefits with minimal interference from strong synthetics and highly preserved products.

Care For Your Microbiome

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We make our skincare with real, fresh and plant-based ingredients that are good for you inside and out. Discover cleansers, moisturizers, toners and more for all skin concerns and goals.

Cleanse your skin and care for your microbiome
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We make our skincare with real, fresh and plant-based ingredients

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Self-preserving Body Cream


Firming and beautifying
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Almond Oil
Almond Oil
Gently polishes skin without irritation
Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter
Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter
An ultra-moisturizing butter that softens skin
Rose Oil
Rose Oil
Calms, soothes and restores

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Now Lanolin-free

Now Lanolin-free

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A Fresh Approach to Skincare

Get familiar with our fresh approach to skincare, with the help of super-powered ingredients we make products that make it easy for you to care for your microbiome.

What’s a super-powered ingredient?

A super-powered ingredient is derived from fresh fruits, vegetables, butters, flowers and essential oils whose natural properties have been harnessed to create expertly formulated and effective products that help support and protect your microbiome. We search far and wide for the highest quality ingredients, using only the best and the freshest.

About your microbiome

Your microbiome is an ecosystem that lives on your skin. Each square centimeter of your skin—your largest organ—is home to around one million microorganisms. Pretty wild, right? These microorganisms form an important part of your skin barrier making it difficult for pathogens to invade. Essentially, the healthier your microbiome is, the better your immune system functions. Over-exposure to strong synthetics and highly preserved products can deplete your microbiome, which is why it’s incredibly important to know what you’re putting on your skin.

A fresh approach

We believe that great skincare should give you maximum benefit with minimal interference, which is why we make effective products from fresh, super-powered ingredients like cocoa butter, honey, rose water, aloe vera and more. Because your microbiome plays such an important part in your life, every super-powered ingredient we use plays a crucial role in our products. Our dedicated team of experts work tirelessly to create the most effective self-preserving products available.

Why go self-preserving?

Synthetic preservatives can often be found in both food and cosmetics, preventing bacteria from growing and extending product shelf life but they also often end up in our waterways where they accumulate and at times become toxic. Harsh synthetic preservatives can also alter your microbiome, leading to certain skin conditions.

Self-preserving moisturizers

Start caring for your microbiome with self-preserving moisturizers. Check out our entire collection of fresh, handmade and skin-softening moisturizers made with zero synthetic preservatives. Newly formulated, these microbiome-friendly products have less water content—discouraging microbial growth.

Calm and hydrate with Peace Self-Preserving Moisturizer made with balancing coconut yogurt and soothing oat milk. Hydrate dry, sensitive skin with Celestial Self-preserving Moisturizer packed with nourishing almond oil and calming vanilla water. For a rich and comforting cream, Skin Drink Self-preserving has you covered with moisturizing avocado and hydrating cocoa butter. Vanishing Cream Self-preserving offers a lightweight option for oily skin with toning witch hazel and conditioning jojoba oil. Skin's Shangri La Self-preserving Moisturizer nourishes thirsty skin with skin-softening almond and jojoba oils, as well as cooling aloe vera. Enzymion Self-preserving Moisturizer cleanses with fresh lemon juice while fresh aloe vera calms and rehydrates.

Enzymion Self-Preserving Moisturizer is made with real fruit juices.

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If you’re looking for a body moisturizer to tend to your shoulders, neck and chest, Biomic Self-Preserving Moisturizer is a firming lotion with conditioning almond oil and fresh rose petal infusion. And for the ultimate makeup and dirt remover Ultrabland Facial Cleanser leaves your skin feeling fresh and renewed with moisture-drawing honey and calming rose water.

Check out our newest super-powered ingredient here.

Need a little help?

We know skincare is not a one-size-fits-all model, so if you’re not sure which products to choose or which ones will work best for you, stop by your local shop and we’ll be more than happy to help.