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Buying Stories - 10 Article(s)

Sicilian Citrus Read more
An inspiring story of cocoa butter, resilience, community, and most importantly, peace. Read more
We've got a lovely bunch of coconut oil, and it comes from Indonesia. Read more
The quality of our ingredients is integral to the quality of our products. That's why we personally visit our suppliers. Read more
LUSH Buyers Jo and Gabbi visit our Extra Virgin Olive Oil supplier in Sindyanna. This peaceful cooperative explains the process behind taking the juiciest little olives and turning them into olive oil. We're proud to use and support Sindyanna olive oil. Read more
We lovingly make our products and gifts by hand. Find out where our paper is loveingly made by hand. Read more
A rose may be a rose, but picking roses to make rose oil is hard work. Read more
We travel the world to find the best, most ethically sourced ingredients, even all the way to Australia. Read more
One of our favourite ingredients, Shea butter comes from a women's cooperative in Ghana. Read more
Once upon a sunny February afternoon, four members of the LUSH team went to visit our free range egg supplier, Rabbit River Farms. Read more