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It’s widely misunderstood that sweat is stinky. Nope, in fact, it's the bacteria that causes armpits to smell. Packed with sweat-absorbing powders and odor-neutralizing essential oils, there's our triple citrus deodorant bar, T’eo. Juniper berry, tea tree and lemongrass are the hardworking essential oils that help combat bacteria and microbes to keep you smelling fresh.
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Apply the white side of the bar directly onto clean, dry underarms.


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I love this product, however....

MI | 2 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I really really really love the smell of this deodorant. I see a lot of reviews saying "it doesn't keep me dry" well really, we're supposed to sweat freely. It's unhealthy to cover your sweat pores with loads of chemicals and antiperspirants... teo is great because it allows your body to sweat freely without smelling bad. So yes if you prefer to be dry, this product isn't for you. Also, it does crumble to use gently, the product for me lasts about 6-8 hours before needing to re apply. I would recommend.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Crumbles and too rough - but as a deodorant it works

Oregon | 2 months ago

Verified Reviewer

The first two applications went smoothly and I liked it, besides picking off the flowers from my underarms (who thought that was a good idea...). Then it dried out (even though it was in a tin) and started to fall apart - all over my counter, my floor and it was messy. Then it became too rough of a surface to put onto my underarm - ridgy and jagged. The deodorant works but the delivery vehicle is a total failure in my opinion.

Love love love !!

GA | 2 months ago

Verified Reviewer

We have been searching for a deodorant that would work for my 9 year old daughter.. we have tried everything even men's deodorant and none of them worked. So we have this one a try and now our entire household uses and loves it !!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Trying to love it.

San Antonio, TX | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I Love the smell, but does not keep me dry. It's been a month and last week I started noticing it drying out. I had to scrap off a layer from the top, I keep it in Tupperware and I am hoping that will keep from drying out again. I bought one 2 years ago, it came in a nice small square silver tin, but that one would crumble, I feel like it worked better.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I love this product...but for the wrong reasons.

DC | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Perhaps it's the fact that I was trying this product out in a very humid environment, and put aside that it would be weird to have lavender petals in my armpits, T'EO smells like a dream. However, it crumbled into a mess the moment I started using it. So, I gathered it all up together in its packaging and used it to freshen the hotel room and luggage for the duration of my trip.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I would not buy this product ever again!

Florida | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I am trying to cut down on my bathroom waste, and this is one of the biggest reasons I like lush. To my surprise this product was a huge disappointment! The deodorant bar started falling apart because it is very powdery, and as I was applying it it broke in half and splattered all over the floor like shattered glass. This product is like a sponge and loves moisture and for something that usually stays in your bathroom, it is not a useful product.

Smells Great, Too Much Re-Application

New York | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I LOVE the smell of this product, it was my perfect transition into package less deodorants (which are for SMELL, not SWEAT. Anti-sweat is what anti-perspirants are for). My only complaint is how often I need to re-apply. I think that issue is worth sacrificing plastic, but it does get annoying. To combat the roughness, i just scratch lines across the surface with my nail and find it to be perfectly fine afterward. I wish the scents were stronger or somehow lasted longer so I didn't have to carry it around all day!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Want to Love This Product

Edmonton | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I purchased this deodorant and found it really effective. I liked the smell and didn't find it too abrasive. What is annoying is how quickly it starts to crumble and having powder all over the floor. I even tried the suggestion of putting it in a mason jar with a lid - it worked okay for a while and then just started to crumble with daily usage. I don't mind paying the price for a good natural product but it's expensive when a good portion of the bar ends up In the garbage.

I would not buy it again

Coquitlam | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

tired of using the ordinary roll stick, i'm not a big sweater but want something that's more absorbent so the lady in store recommended this product, very nice smell, quite annoyed when putting it on coz the tiny petals keeps fallen off, the main thing is NOT absorbing at all, kinda disappointed

Deodorant is intended to keep you dry

Seattle | 3 months ago

I see a few reviews recently talking about how this bar is too hard/dry. Some have even added liquid to try and combat the dryness (yikes). I've tried several different deodorants and this one works to combat strong body odor when applied nightly before bed to a clean, dry surface.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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